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About us
Suzhou Tianyuan Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that researches, develops, manufactures, and sells precision straight seam high-frequency welded pipe units, cold-formed forming units, elevator profile forming units, and stainless steel welded pipe units. The company is located next to National Highway 318 in Wuhu Economic Development Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou. Adjacent to Shanghai, close to Suzhou, Wuxi, and convenient transportation.
With the strong support of the group company, a unique enterprise model of design, production, service and R&D integration has been formed, and a key industry pillar has been established according to the characteristics of the company's development:
Precision Longitudinal Welded Pipe Machine Series:
The high-frequency welded pipe unit is designed for the production of welded pipes. It is also suitable for the production of high-quality square pipes, rectangular pipes and other non-standard welding profile products for escalators. The main series are TY16/20/32 units, TY 45/50/ Unit 60, Unit TY76/89/114, Unit TY125/165/219, etc.
High-speed cold bending machine series:
We provide cold bending forming machines for customers, product design and engineering cost analysis for cold-formed steel units, roll design, calculations, simulation of molding processes, customization of various precision rollers, and various cold bending machine profiles. The main products are cable bridge forming machines, marine/building foot pedal forming machines, fire damper forming machines, Tai Neng Sun V bracket (U-shaped bracket) forming machine, highway guardrail forming machine, C, and Z steel forming machines, Large-scale supermarket shelves molding machine and steel silo and column molding machine and other series of high-precision cold bending molding production line, and according to user requirements, design and manufacture of various types of complex non-standard high-speed cold bending machine.
Elevator profile forming machine series:
There are elevator open-air rail production lines, elevator closed-air rail production lines, and rib production lines. The production line has the characteristics of high precision and high production speed. The unit can be designed according to the requirements of the product drawing, and the cold bending forming process can be used instead of the traditional shearing and folding process, so as to improve the efficiency and reduce the artificial effect. The company's sales network covers Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, South America and other regions, in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Eastern Europe, South America and other places have direct operating offices or agents. With the tenet of "leading technology, reliable quality, and high quality service", the company is striving to become the most competitive enterprise in China's welded pipe unit and cold bending unit industry.